Honda Accord: Steering Lock Replacement - Steering - Steering - Honda Accord MK8 2008-2012 Service ManualHonda Accord: Steering Lock Replacement

1. Remove the steering column (see page 17-10).

2. Center-punch both of the two shear bolts, and drill their heads off with a 5 mm (0.20 in) drill bit. Be careful not to damage the steering lock when removing the shear bolts.

3. Remove the shear bolts from the steering lock, then

3. Remove the shear bolts from the steering lock, then remove the steering lock.

4. Remove the immobilizer-keyless control unit from the steering lock, then install it on the new steering lock (see page 22-440)..

5. Install the steering lock without the key inserted.

6. Loosely tighten the new shear bolts.

7. Insert the ignition key, and check for proper operation of the steering wheel lock and that the ignition key turns freely.

8. Tighten the shear bolts (A) until the hex heads (B) twist off.

9. Install the steering column (see page 17-12).

9. Install the steering column (see page 17-12).

10. Rewrite all new keys to the immobilizer-keyless control unit (see page 22-439), and make sure the immobilizer system works properly.

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