Honda Accord: Dynamic Damper Replacement - Transaxle - Honda Accord MK8 2008-2012 Service ManualHonda Accord: Dynamic Damper Replacement

1. Remove the Inboard joint (see page 16-7).

2. Remove the dynamic damper band (see step 1 on page 16-7).

3. Remove the dynamic damper (A).

Left driveshaft

Right driveshaft

Right driveshaft

4. Install a new dynamic damper.

4. Install a new dynamic damper.

NOTE; Be careful not to swap the dynamic dampers.

Check the type of dynamic damper by its shape.

5. Adjust the specified distance (A) between the outboard joint side and the dynamic damper edge.

NOTE: Check the type of dynamic damper by its shape.

Left driveshaft

A: 298.5-303.5 mm (11.75-11.95 in)

Right driveshaft

Right driveshaft

A: 292.5-297.5 mm (11.52-11.71 in)

6. Install the dynamic damper band (see step 10 on page

6. Install the dynamic damper band (see step 10 on page 16-14).

7. Install the inboard joint (see page 16-12).

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