Honda Accord: Sunlight Sensor Test - Climate Control - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - Honda Accord MK8 2008-2012 Service ManualHonda Accord: Sunlight Sensor Test

N O T E ; Before testing t h e sensor, check for HVAC DTCs (see page 21-101).

1. Remove the sunlight sensor (see page 21 -186).

With automatic lighting sensor

Without automatic lighting sensor

Without automatic lighting sensor

2. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II). Measure the

2. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II). Measure the voltage between the terminals with the (+) probe on terminal No. 4 (with automatic lighting sensor) or No. 1 (without automatic lighting sensor) and the ( — ) probe on terminal No. 2 with the connector connected.

NOTE: The voltage readings will not change underthe light of a flashlight or a fluorescent lamp. Voltage should be: • 3.6—3.7 V or more with the sensor out of direct sunlight.

• 3.3—3.5 V or less with the sensor in direct sunlight.

3. If the voltage is not as specified, replace the sunlight sensor (see page 21-186).

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