Honda Accord: Recommended CDs - General Information on the Audio System - Features - Honda Accord 2013-2017 Owner's ManualHonda Accord: Recommended CDs

Use only high-quality CD-R or CD-RW discs labeled for audio use.
Use only CD-R or CD-RW discs on which the recordings are closed.
Play only standard round-shaped CDs.

 CDs with MP3, WMA, or AAC files

CDs with MP3, WMA, or AAC files

Some software files may not allow for audio play or text data display.
Some versions of MP3, WMA, or AAC formats may be unsupported.

iA Dual-disc cannot play on this audio unit. If recorded under certain conditions, a CD-R or CD-RW may not play either.

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Protecting CDs

Follow these precautions when handling or storing CDs:

Store a CD in its case when it is not being played.
When wiping a CD, use a soft clean cloth from the center to the outside edge.
Handle a CD by its edge. Never touch either surface.
Never insert foreign objects into the CD player.
Keep CDs out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.
Do not place stabilizer rings or labels on the CD.
Avoid fingerprints, liquids, and felt-tip pens on the CD.


Do not insert a damaged CD. It may be stuck inside and damage the audio unit.

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