Honda Accord: Power Windows - Instruments and Controls - Honda Accord 2008-2012 Owner's ManualHonda Accord: Power Windows

Turn the ignition switch to the ON

Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position to raise or lower either window. To open a window, push the switch down and hold it. Release the switch when you want the window to stop. Pull back on the switch and hold it to close the window.

Closing a power window on

Closing a power window on someone’s hands or fingers can cause serious injury.

Make sure your passengers are away from the windows before closing them.

AUTO - To open either window fully (driver’s window only on LX), push the window switch firmly down to the second detent, then release it.

The window automatically goes down all the way. To stop the window from going all the way down, pull back on the window switch briefly.

To close either window fully (driver’s window only on LX), pull back the window switch firmly to the second detent, then release it. The window automatically goes all the way up. To stop the window from going all the way up, push down on the window switch briefly.

When you push the main switch in, the indicator comes on and the passenger’s window cannot be raised or lowered. Use the main switch when you have children in the vehicle so they do not injure themselves by operating the window unintentionally. To cancel this feature, push on the switch again.

The switch will pop out and the indicator will go off.

The windows and the main switch feature will operate for up to 10 minutes after you turn off the ignition switch. Opening either door cancels this function.

AUTO REVERSE - If either window (driver’s window only on LX) senses any obstacle while it is closing automatically, it will reverse direction, and then stop. To close the window, remove the obstacle, then use the window switch again.

Auto reverse stops sensing when the window is almost closed. You should always check that all passengers and objects are away from the window before closing it.

NOTE: The driver’s window auto reverse function is disabled when you continuously pull up the switch.

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