Honda Accord: Security System Alarm - Security System - Controls - Honda Accord 2013-2017 Owner's ManualHonda Accord: Security System Alarm

The security system alarm activates when the doors, trunk, or hood are opened without the key, remote transmitter, or smart entry system.

The security alarm continues for a maximum of two minutes until the security system deactivates.

• When the security system alarm activates

The horn sounds intermittently and all of the exterior lights flash.

• To deactivate the security system alarm

Unlock the vehicle using the key, remote transmitter or smart entry remote. The system, along with the horn and flashing lights, is deactivated.

• Setting the security system alarm

The security system alarm automatically sets when the following conditions have been met:

• The ignition switch is in LOCK and the key has been removed from the, and the key has been removed from the ignition switch.
• The hood and trunk are closed.
• All doors are locked from outside with the key, the remote transmitter, or smart entry system.

• When the security system alarm sets

The security system alarm indicator in the instrument panel blinks. When the blinking interval changes after about 15 seconds, the security system is set.

• To cancel the security system alarm

The security system alarm is canceled when the vehicle is unlocked using the key, remote transmitter, smart entry system or the ignition switch is turned to ON (w*1.

The security system indicator goes off at the same time.

Do not set the security system alarm when someone is in the vehicle or a window is open. The system can accidentally activate when:

• Unlocking the door with the lock tab.
• Opening the trunk with the trunk release or the emergency trunk opener.

If the battery goes dead after you have set the security system alarm, the security alarm may go off once the battery is recharged or replaced.

If this occurs, deactivate the security system alarm by unlocking a door using the key or remote transmitter.

Do not attempt to alter this system or add another device to it.

• Panic Mode

• The panic button on the remote

• The panic button on the remote transmitter

If you press the panic button for approximately one second, the following will occur for about 30 seconds:

• The horn sounds.
• Some exterior lights flash.

• Canceling panic mode

Press any button on the remote transmitter, or turn the ignition switch to ON Opening and Closing the Windows

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